• comprehensive civil engineering services

  • Strengthening of the slopes and construction of drainage

  • Design Services


  • strengthening slopes with bentonite mats and geogrids
  • strengthening slopes with anti-erosion mats
  • strengthening of ditches
  • construction of service roads
  • construction of road fences
  • construction of drainage and retention reservoirs
  • installation of seperation fabric for concrete pavements
  • assembly of fiberglass mesh for bituminous masses
  • assembly of herpetological enclosures

Our advantages

experienced management staff

qualified and committed employees

flexibility in price negotiations

meeting deadlines of performed works

Additional Services:

  • assembly of Concertina entanglements
  • construction of mechanical security of objects
  • design, assembly and maintenance of electronic security systems for objects (burglary and assault signaling systems, fire fighting, closed circuit television, access control)

our projects

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